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IP Address Host was initially launched with “What is My IP” Page and some basic Information but soon after launched, we realized that IP Address Host website must change its directions and start providing Free IP Tools and IP Resources and with great research, IP Address Host team decided to go these services;

IP Address Host Services

  1. IP Address Ranges by Country section where some of the ranges are displayed to get the basic idea while all IP Address Ranges of a single Country can also be download under Free Resources. IP Address Host offers IPv4 Address Ranges by Country and IPv6 Address Ranges by country and all this data comes from Regional Internet Registries.

  2. My ISP section is updated on time to time based where we detect visitor’s Public IP address and search our database for corresponding ISP. This Information is updated on the Request of User which is updated periodically.

  3. IP Tools section is specially designed for Technical Professionals where they can find number of free IP Tools for some most required items like;

    1. IP Subnet Calculator is a free IP Tool which will help all the IT professional who want to calculate IPv4 or IPv6 CIDR Value and this tool will calculate all the information related to provide IP CIDR. It is an Amazing Tools which provide netmask, wildcard mask, CIDR notation, network address, useable host, broadcast address, binary netmask, total host, useable host information from single provide IPv4 CIDR. As said earlier, this tool is not limited to IPv4 and a user can get calculate IPv6 CIDR with this IP Subnet Calculator and this tool will expand the compress or condensed CIDR notation, provide the prefix length, suffix length, network prefix with mask, useable IPv6 Host and Total number of host in IPv6 CIDR.

    2. DNS Lookup or Reverse DNS Lookup tool is for the people who need to check IP to DNS lookup.

    3. IP Address to Decimal Conversion is one of the Industry Leading tools provided on IP Address Host because this tool converts IP Address to Decimal, Hexa-Decimal and Binary Value. While you can also use Hexa-Decimal Value to Obtain IP Address or Decimal Value to IP Address.

    4. IP Acess Control List is shortening form of Block IP by Country using Firewall ACL and you can generate various IP ACL rules for your Firewall based on Country CIDR.

  4. Free IP Tools and IP Resource section is designed to reduce user's navigation and they can direction go on this section for all Free IP Tools and IP Resources downloads related to IPv4 and IPv6 in CIDR Format. IP Blocks by Country are available in .cidr and .zone files.

IP Address Host Team is continiously trying the best to be alived and server our users with free resources but we are in need of your valuealbe feedback by all means, so get in touch with us for you all your feedback, suggestions and anyother communication.


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