How to Allow Ping to MikroTik RouterOS on Internal Network from CLI

Same like other firewalls, MikroTik RouterOS by default does not allow ping (ICMP) request packets but it can be enabled in quite easy way through simple command from MikroTik RouterOS CLI. This will although produce load towards your RouterOS with unnecessary pings but sometimes, its required to check network that your network card is up and there is no network request time out on this interface. So achieving this we have to do only and only below command on your MikroTik RouterOS CLI;

[admin@MikroTik] > ip firewall filter
[admin@MikroTik] > ip firewall filter > add chain=input protocol=icmp action=accept comment=”ICMP Allow”

Just to confirm, please use

ping mikrotick-router-name

I believe, you can ping it now as That’s all you need to do on your MikroTik RouterOS for allowing ICMP packets. Hope it will help you.


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