How to Shut down and Restart Windows 10

Windows 10 get back its ancestors Start Menu, you will have a great feel of Metro Style Start Menu, Click on Start Button or Press Windows key on your keyboard and a cool Start Menu will appear. You might already have done this experience, let’s move towards, “How to Shut down and Restart Windows 10”.


  1. Click on Start Menu or Press Windows Key from your Keyboard

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  1. Power Button is Just on the right top corner, click on that and here you will get Two / Three Options , depending on your environment, I have installed Windows 10 on Virtual Environment, Sleep option is not available with me.
  2. Choose your choice of Action to Restart Windows 10 or Shutdown Windows 10.

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You can experience that your cool Windows 7 and Windows 8 Metro Style Menu is available in once place, Windows 10 and you might get notice that in this Start Menu, Semi Metro arrange itself in more better form. Please have a look on “How to switch between the Start menu and the Start screen on Windows 10


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