List of IP Commands and Parameters

I am going to write down some of the most common used commands and their parameters or called switches as well for Microsoft Windows, Microsoft PowerShell and Microsoft DOS (Disk Operating System), all are the same variants. These commands includes ipconfig, ping, tracert (trace route), arp, route, netstat, hostname, ping and nslookup type well known commands. I have just added overview of few commands, complete command and its switches can be accessed while clicking on the command name;

Display Network Connection Details: ipconfig /all

Display All DNS Cache Servers Info: ipconfig /displaydns

Release All IP Address – Used for DHCP: ipconfig /release

Renew All IP Address – Used for DHCP: ipconfig /renew

Flush / Clear DNS Cache: ipconfig /flushdns

Re-Register the DNS Connections: ipconfig /registerdns

Network Connections: control netconnections

Network Setup Wizard: netsetup.cpl

Ping Test Connectivity: ping

Trace Route: tracert

Displays the TCP/IP protocol sessions: netstat

Display Local Route: route

Display Resolved MAC Addresses: arp -a

Display Computer Name (Current): hostname

NameServer Lookup: nslookup

These commands are most recommended commands for Network & System Administrators and they must know all these commands and their switches as well. you can get help of any command while adding command / ? example : ipconfig / ? and it will show all parameters, please do read full about the command with its respected pages.


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