Odoo OpenERP Blank White Page

I just configure a Project Area and give user level access to network end users but within minutes, I start getting message over Skype and in email that user is unable to login and he is getting a blank White Page while just a load windows comes up. Oh! My Server goes down? No, it was working perfectly same as before. Well, I start searching and collecting information that what can be the core cause of this but didn’t get any fix about this.

I have tried Solution below and it works for me but I am posting some of the available Solutions over the internet that might be help you as well.

Solution 1:

  1. Login on your Server, Move to OpenERP Source folder and do find portal_anonymous.js and rename it to something else like portal_anonymous-old.js , I am sure it will resolve the issue and in my scenario, it was located into “\OpenERP\Python2.6\openerp-7.0_20140420_231139-py2.6.egg\openerp\addons\portal_anonymous\static\scr\portal_anonymous.js

Reason Solution 1:

Some of my OpenERP users were logged in and were able access all available features without any issue but once a user logged out, he was unable to login back and facing the same issue and it give us confidence that there is nothing bad with server, database or OpenERP services because there were active users who was using it. I start debugging it with the help of a developer and found that there is inline CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) issue. We change it and it was fixed and I was able to login as well. We narrow down and found that portal_anonymous.js file contains something that is causing the issue. In our scenario, we just rename portal_anonymous.js and everything start working from the same level.

Other Abstracts:

There were some recommendation of restarting openerp services, postgresql service but none of them work for me.


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