Port Forward from External to Internal Zentyal

I was required to access a Java Website from my external/internet to internal local area network. I have done this with this simple thing. I know it’s pretty easy but I just want to show up here on my blog for new comers to help them quickly as usual (I assume that you have everything up and running and now just need to forward port ! Firewall Modules is required to do this task)


  1. In Side Bar, Under Gateway, click on Firewall and then on Port Forwarding.
  2. Select your External Interface in interface drop down (in example below eth0 is my ISP connected interface)
  3. Select Zentyal in Original Destination
  4. Select TCP/UPD in Protocol drop down section.
  5. Select Single Port and Port Number (My: 8080) under Original destination port
  6. Please select Any in Source and proceed to
  7. Original IP and enter the IP Address where you want to send traffic.
  8. In Port, select other and then enter the port that you want to use. In my scenario, it was the same 8080
  9. Check the box Replace source address and same the settings.


It will help you to set up the port forwarding, please something comes in your mind, share for the next reader.


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