Schedule Backup WinRAR Command Line Application

WinRAR is a great featured application and you have the option to use it in various way. One of the method that I am using WinRAR command line function to to backup and also adding the date after it.

Here is a simple way to schedule a job with WinRAR command line and a batch file to backup and give it a name as per your desired naming convention like in my example, vssbackup-dd-mm-yy.rar. OK! Let’s start this in step-by-step and all you need to do is there things;

  1.  Install WinRAR and set its set path in Windows Environment Variables.
  2. Create a .bat having in it: "WinRAR a -r - -agDD-MM-YY D:\ VSS\*.*"
  3. Schedule a Job at your required Time. All you need to do it done.

 Let me explain this simple job to you.

  1. Right Click on My Computer > Properties > Advance / Advance Settings > Environment Variables > System Variables > Path
  2. Edit Path and place at the end of text >; C:\Program Files\WinRAR\ (location of your installed WinRAR Program.
  3. Open notepad and type or copy paste “WinRAR a -r - -agDD-MM-YY \*.*” and now Save it and name it like backup.bat
  4. Create a New Schedule and run it at your required time.

Batch Job Detail

Switch – a                            = Archive Files in current folder

Switch – r                            =  Recurse subfolders

Switch –agDD-MM-YY    = Add Date in Day-Month-Year format.

Your final WinRAR command may be something looks like this;

 WinRAR a -r E:\Backup\backup- -agDD-MM-YY D:\ VSS\*.*


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