The Network Bridge on Device VMnet0 is Temporarily Down

The Network Bridge on Device VMnet0 is Temporary down because the Bridge Ethernet Interface is down.

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The most frustration in this Error happens when you check that all the settings are great and correct but till this Error is thereL. I am assuming that you are a Windows PC Users (Any Level). There can be number of possible cause / way to solve this issue and some of best practices that I have ever used to solve this problem are as mentioned below; Possible Solutions;
Go to your host (Where VMware Product is installed in Windows) computer’s NIC Property (as below image) check there, Does the "VMware Bridge Protocol" appear in the list? And, is it checked? Check it if not, and if it's missing try to add it by clicking on Install > Services in NIC Property Windows.

Go to VMware Installation location and then VMware Workstation (in my case) folder and point to vmbridge.inf, edit it in notepad etc. and verify below settings; [Strings] CompanyName = "VMware, Inc." VMware_Desc = "VMware Bridge Protocol" VMware_HelpText = "Gives virtual machines access to physical networks." DiskDescription = "VMware install disk" REG_DWORD = 0x10001
Final Solution: I know, this solution may be compelling you to laugh, but this is a great ever lasting solution in Microsoft EnvironmentJ. Re-Install VMware Workstation, Yes re-install it but when you re-install it, do at least one word change in installation path :), leave your comments to make this post more worthy !


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