Top Best Open Source Social Networking Software

There are plenty of scripts that can be searched over the internet and these paid and Free & Open source software can be used to build an average level but one of your own social network website. Only few are most stable, good and easy to use social networking software and here I am going to discuss some top level Open source Social Networking Software’s;

  1. Dolphin – Boonex

Giving top-level to Dolphin Boonex has a great reason because Dolphin is an open-source, scalable, customizable, full-featured, independent and free software package for building social networks, dating sites and niche communities as well. Dolphin is the only "all-in-one" bundle of PHP community scripts, Flash plugins, Adobe AIR and Mobile apps that provide full control, freedom and flexibility to start a brand new Social Networking website. Launch your site, customize it and watch it grow!

Download Dolphin Now | Demo Dolphin

  1. Elgg

Elgg is another open source software that is going to capture market after Dolphin. It is a great open source social networking platform. Elgg is powerful yet scalable software for building your own social networking, community and one for news using feeds aggregation and file sharing features. Elgg operates on a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql and Php) environment. The best thing is that, it is easy to install and configure.

Download Elgg Now | Demo Elgg

  1. Mahara

Mahara is not like most other social networking software. Mahara can be used as a platform that allows its users to learning, skills and development to some selected audience. Mahara can be best describing as building of e-Portfolio platform and set up an online learner community. Mahara runs on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql and Php). In Mahara Postgres is preferred over MySql.

Download Mahara Now | Demo Mahara

  1. XOOPS with Yogurt extension

XOOPS, give you option to start as a blog and expand it to include real social networking, forum and much more via the use of some modules as per your requirements and needs.

Yogurt with XOOPS together allows you to build a social networking site, You can setup your personal album of pictures, videos from YouTube, mp3 files, add your list of friends, a public wall for messages (scraps), to create communities (tribes) and many more useful features. XOOPS and Yogurt are based on PHP and work well in the LAMP environment.

Demo XOOPS | Download XOOPS | Download Yogurt

  1. Lovd by Less

LovdbyLess (Lovd by Less) is among the first and only few open-source social networking platforms built on Ruby on Rails. Some features of Lovd by Less include blogs, photo gallery with captions and site search for friends, activity update and user-to-user messaging. Other things that are built into the software include Flickr and YouTube integration.

Demo LovdbyLess | Download LovdbyLess

  1. WordPress with BuddyPress

WordPress is a most powerful software over the internet to support your personal and professional blog, News and Website as well. WordPress has a variety of plugins to integrate with Facebook and other popular social network websites. But Now BuddyPress plugin allows WordPress users to create an average level Social Network Website and there are many free and paid social networking themes are available for WordPress and Buddy Press to use it without any further customization.

Download WordPress | Download BuddyPress


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