Mouse Input not captured on Microsoft Hyper-V

When you install a VM of Windows 2003 SP1 / SP1 Operating System, in Hyper-V and you try to login and click with your mouse, it says with a error message "Mouse Input not captured". and Your need of-course Google and get a great idea that you need to install Integration Services from the following path of your running VM’s window,

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How to block HTTP and HTTPS Facebook with pfSense

Facebook works on HTTPS and there are some tutorials that help you to install “Squid3” Development Package on pfSense to configure pfSense for blocking some of websites but I found issues with it and it wasn’t worthy for my work environment along with “blocking Facebook with pfSense”. I have tried many of tutorials to block Facebook on pfSense box and some of them works but these also blocks some other HTTPS services. Finally, I block Facebook on pfSense with Facebook IP Addresses. I know, it might be quite funny or awkward but it’s the solution that leaves no stone to your efforts and users cannot access it with IP Address, HTTP or HTTPS or with other Facebook TLDs. Let’s get started;

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Get Socially Engaged with IP Address and Host Team !